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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Pure Flix's "A Thousand Tomorrows" episode 3

Many thanks to Pure Flix for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own. 

Growing up, I don't remember hearing much about the illness cystic fibrosis. When my husband started his post-secondary education, there was a married couple at church that would randomly not show up for long periods of time. We later learned that the wife has cystic fibrosis. Whenever cold season got bad, or any illness started spreading, they would avoid crowds. Sometimes they would sneak into church and sit at the back so they could avoid interacting or getting to close to others. They were very open about how they handled her illness, and we loved getting to know them better. Over the past few years, movies like "Five Feet Apart" have helped to spread awareness and understanding of cystic fibrosis and how it affects the individuals who have it, and their loved ones. 

A Thousand Tomorrows

In the new series "A Thousand Tomorrows" on Pure Flix, the female lead character Ali struggles with cystic fibrosis. In episode 3, Ali and Cody (the male lead) start to form a friendship. They are able to use their pasts to help each other find strength. Their individual pasts seem to link them together in an unpredictable way considering how different their pasts are. 

The show is based in Oklahoma, so it has a very country, friendly feel to it. The accents are thick at times, and the denim is ever-present. From episode 3, the viewer can see where this relationship might be headed. It is a show about redemption, forgiveness, devotion and transformation. Cody and Ali find a love so rare and powerful, and they make the most of everyday they have with each other. 

I love the episodic format because I can watch one episode and not feel like my whole day is gone. If you love horses, and especially horse riding/racing, definitely check this show out. Episode 3 releases on March 3!

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