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Saturday, September 24, 2022

What to do with Men's Clothes

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 I tend to focus heavily on kids here, but occasionally I come up with something for my husband...or at least a use for his clothes :). He's always been a great sport when I need an old t-shirt for something like turning a t-shirt into yoga pants

He's benefited over the years from this road t-shirt we made for him one year for Father's Day...

When one of his dress shirts was getting worn out, I deconstructed it to make a tie onesie.

Undoubtedly he contributed a few shirts to my t-shirt rug several years ago. 

For Halloween one year, I was Snoopy (at least my pregnant belly was), and hubby was Charlie Brown. All we did was turn one of his yellow t-shirts inside out and add some zig zag lines, and voila! 

But, despite my husband's large t-shirt collection, he also has a business collection. We are constantly looking for good deals on quality dress shirts and suits since he wears them almost daily. If you're in the same market, check out Oxford Shop and tell me what you think! Can you see your hubby or significant other wearing one of these handsome suits? Though they're based abroad, they ship to the USA and accept US currency. Plus, they have women's clothing as well...

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