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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Couple/Maternity Costume: Peanuts

Last year, my husband and I featured my pregnant belly in our costumes for Halloween...we dressed as part of the Peanuts gang:
Couple Costume: Peanuts
For my husband, I turned a yellow shirt he had inside out and basted on some black fabric to make the zig-zag of Charlie Brown's shirt. He wore black short, long socks, a ball-cap and a baseball glove to complete his ensemble. A simple Charlie Brown costume.

For myself, I found a white maternity shirt, and quickly sewed on some eyes, ears, and a black pom-pom that I made out of yarn for Snoopy's nose. Our costumes were done within an hour and hardly cost us anything! A simple maternity costume. After Halloween, I took all the pieces off our shirts and we got to keep wearing them :).

Now to figure out what we're wearing this year...

Here's where I found my Snoopy inspiration. Here's how to make a pom-pom. I'll be linking up to Tip Me Tuesday at Tip Junkie.

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