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Monday, January 18, 2021

"The Floor is Lava" Sight Word Game

 If your child has a list of sight words each week they can get pretty mundane! My 6 year old had a blast with this new way to learn and review her sight words... The Floor is Lava! Sight Word Game

The Floor is Lava Sight Word Game

I cut up some paper into 3 or 4 inch pieces and wrote a sight word on each one (you can cut them to any size that works for you). Sometimes she wrote them herself which was an added bonus!

We used masking tape to tape them to the tile in our hallway for easy removal. It lasted usually the whole week we were practicing.

She would start at one end of the hall and have to say the word before she could step on it. If she could say each word and cross the hall without touching the tile, she won! Then we would have her work backwards. 

The Floor is Lava Sight Word Game

This could work for letter or number recognition or a variety of other learning activities!

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