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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

CTC Math Program Review and giveaway (ends 2/28)!

Every parent knows how hard it is to keep up with a child’s curriculum, especially because kids are learning at such a different pace than we did when we were in school! My kids are in public schools and I rely heavily on their teachers to help them keep up with the math curriculum, but I also know that they do better if I’m aware of what they’re learning and can help facilitate that learning at home. During the school year we have plenty of homework, but during the summer it is so helpful to have a program or curriculum for my kids to work on so they retain what they learned the previous year.

When I initially heard of CTC Math, I thought it was a computer game and explained it as such to my 10 year old. When he tried it out, we quickly realized that it is not a game. This is the current math curriculum for each grade with a video lesson (with my daughter using the program)...
CTC Math review and giveaway (ends 2/28/20)
 and review questions where your kids can test themselves on what they've learned.
CTC Math review and giveaway (ends 2/28/20)
CTC Math is perfect for homeschooling families or for families looking to supplement what their kids are learning in school. My 10 year old was pretty bummed that it wasn’t just fun and games, but I’m looking forward to using this program this summer in the mornings to help him continue to learn and build upon what he has learned this year in 5th grade. 
CTC Math Review and Giveaway (ends 2/28)

I also had my 5 year old try CTC Math and she loves it. My one piece of advice for younger children is that this requires use of the mouse and some reading to be able to navigate the site.
It required me to be available and ready to help get to different lessons and explain what she needed to do. After she got used to the format she became much more independent. I love that on the review questions there is a speaker button so younger kids can hear the questions if they can’t read yet.  
At the end of each week, parents get an e-mail with everything their kids worked on. Each child has their own account which allows them to track what they've accomplished and what lessons they've done.

If you are interested in trying out CTC Math, you can sign up for a free trial, or homeschoolers can get a 50% discount, or you can enter the giveaway below for a year of free membership!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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