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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

DIY Detangler Spray

A while ago I had bought some detangler spray for my daughters' hair and it's a necessity because they both have quite the bed-head in the mornings!
DIY Detangler Spray

When I ran out of the spray, I kept forgetting to add it to my shopping list and finally remembered that other moms had made their own and posted about it.

Sure enough, I had seen it on Pinterest before and it was so incredibly easy to make that I had to try it for myself. I used our empty detangler spray bottle and simply poured it most of the way full with water. Then I added some conditioner, twisted the lid on, and shook it up. I didn't even measure...just eye-balled it.

If you spray it in hair and it doesn't work very well, try adding more conditioner a bit at a time until it works well for your hair type.

It worked like a charm getting all of the tangles out of my girls' matted hair, and I use it frequently. I'm especially glad that now I won't have to buy more detangler spray next time we run out (as long as we have conditioner on hand!). 

Frugal parenting for the win :). Thank you One Crazy Mom for the inspiration! I'll be linking up to Wonderful Wednesday, Homemaking Link Party, Homemaking Party, Homestead Blog Hop

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