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Monday, October 3, 2016

Toddler Fun: Shape Game

We are learning about shapes constantly right now and my 2 year old insists on me drawing them whenever there's a crayon nearby, so I thought she would enjoy this little shape game I quickly made up:
Toddler Fun: Shape Game
Just cut out multiple shapes from construction paper and trace them onto a white piece of paper. We stuck with circles, triangles and squares.

Toddler Fun: Shape Game
Then have your toddler put the shapes on the corresponding outlines. I used a glue stick in each shape to keep them in place, but she loved it so much that she kept pulling the shapes off before they could dry so she could play the game again (and again, and again!).
Toddler Fun: Shape Game
This took me 5 minutes to "make" and gave her a good 20-30 minutes of educational fun. You can make it more challenging by having them choose certain colors, too.

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