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Monday, May 2, 2016

Plastic Spoon Butterflies

My toddler pronounces butterfly as "blublubluh!" and it's the cutest thing ever! We decorated her room with butterflies and she loves finding them in books. My boys love to catch them and chase them while I remind them constantly to be gentle. Basically, we all love them, so these plastic spoon butterflies were the perfect craft for us.
Plastic Spoon Butterflies

I found this idea at Paging Fun Mums. I just free-handed cutting out the wings, and let my boys color them however they pleased.
Plastic Spoon Butterflies

We used chenille stems to wrap around the spoon, over the middle of the wings, and around the spoon again to make the antennae.
Plastic Spoon Butterflies
Then I hot glued some googly eyes on, and we were done.
Plastic Spoon Butterflies
They were the perfect addition to all of our other bug crafts...ants, spiders, dragonflies, and caterpillars!
Bug Crafts

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