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Monday, April 18, 2016

Toddler Bird Feeders

Here's a fun, simple project for your toddler to make: a bird feeder!
Toddler-made bird feeder

All you need is a chenille stem (aka pipe cleaner) and some Cheerios (or other similarly shaped cereal). Have your toddler thread the cereal onto the chenille stem. This is great for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills! At first I had to hold the chenille stem for my 20 month old, but she quickly figured out how to do it on her own.
Toddler-made bird feeder

When they're done, make the chenille stem into a loop with enough left over to wrap around a branch.
Toddler-made bird feeder

Tie your bird feeder on a branch in a tree or bush. Make sure there's a branch underneath for the birds to sit on. Don't forget to take it off once the birds have enjoyed their treat so the chenille stem doesn't hurt the tree over time.
Toddler-made bird feeder
I'm always looking for fun things for my toddler to do while her older brothers were at school and this was perfect!

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  1. What a great idea! I'm sharing this with my daughter for our two grandsons...they will love it. Many blessings to you!