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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Stroller Recover

I found a little doll stroller at a garage sale for only $2! It was in great condition except for the fabric seat...there was a tear in the front corner. So I decided to make a new seat!
Recovering a Doll Stroller @ whatilivefor.net
I used my seam ripper and took out all of the stitches in the original seat. I took pictures as I went along so I knew how to put my new seat together.
Recovering a doll stroller @ whatilivefor.net

The pieces to the old seat were my pattern. I pinned them to the new fabric and cut out the pieces. Using the photos I took, I sewed the new seat together and I was able to use the original purple binding around the edges. Not bad for $2 and a little bit of time! Plus, the fabric I used is much thicker/stronger so it should last longer than the original fabric would have.
Recovering a doll stroller @ whatilivefor.net
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