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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Freezer Meal Prep for Busy Families

There's simply no substitute for home cooked food is there? However, as busy families up and down the country will attest, often the easy option is to call the local takeout or grab fast food on the go. In this article, we take a look at five benefits that preparing a range of food for the freezer can bring. Whether making extra portions of a main meal, or spending one afternoon a week cooking to stock up, having a ready supply of delicious, home cooked food in frozen storage will do wonders for your household.

1. It saves time
Most of us spend our lives in a flurry of activity and rarely feel the urge to spend an hour or more preparing a lovely evening meal after work or the school run - or both! Why not delve into the freezer, grab a few portions of food you prepared in advance, and minutes later you and your loved ones can enjoy a healthy, home cooked meal and some precious family time.
2. It saves money
In these austere times, we all like to make a saving, whether it's a shopping discount or a reduction in the food bill. Takeouts can be a quick and easy meal option, but they are also hard on the pocket - especially if you're feeding a large family.
3. You can be confident of the ingredients
This is especially important if you have food allergies or specific dietary requirements - when you buy over the phone, or even in the supermarket, you can often be left wondering about ingredients. Feel secure in the knowledge that the food you've prepared contains only ingredients that you want and is healthy and wholesome!
4. Plan your meals
If you like to plan your meals in advance, why not cook everything in one batch, freeze it up and then bring out the right food according to the calendar? It's simple, flexible, and you know there's an option you'll want readily available.
5. It lowers stress
Many arguments occur round mealtimes, as busy parents try and unwind while attempting to feed themselves and the kids. If your food has already been made, and just needs to be reheated or warmed through, it affords you the luxury of relaxing and eating within minutes of arriving home - and without all the attendant stress of preparing food when you're tired or irritable.
Homemade and fresh food, freezers sure know how to deliver the goods.

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