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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bread Bird Feeder

My boys loathe the heels on loaves of bread…sometimes I make them eat it anyhow, but I decided to try the simple bird feeders from Bless this Mess Please and my boys had a blast! They are cheap, simple and fun to make, plus if you’re lucky, they will bring beautiful birds to your backyard for your viewing pleasure. Bread Bird Feeders @ whatilivefor.net

  • Take the heels or other old bread and leave it out for a few days to harden.
  • Use a sharp knife to gently poke a hole in each piece of bread. Make sure it’s a good distance from the edge so you don’t just break the bread.Bread Bird Feeder @ whatilivefor.net
  • Spread some peanut butter on your bread. We just did one side to minimize mess and use of peanut butter, but you can do both sides.Bread Bird Feeder @ whatilivefor.net
  • Pour some bird food onto a paper plate and press the peanut butter coated bread onto the bird food. If this doesn’t work, just take bird food in your hands and press it into the peanut butter.Bread Bird Feeder @ whatilivefor.net
  • Put a string through the hole you made Bread Bird Feeder @ whatilivefor.net
  • Hang your bird feeder up in a tree with branches below for the birds to rest on.Bread Bird Feeder @ whatilivefor.net
  • Glance out your window occasionally to see what feathered friends have come to enjoy the bird feeder! And enjoy the fact that when they’re done, all you have to do is gather a string.
We learned not to do this if rain is in the near future, but my boys had a blast making these and keep begging to make more :).

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  1. Such a thoughtful idea to think of our feathery friends and a great idea to do this with your boys.