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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Last minute snow mittens

We get snow maybe once a year where we live, so snow gloves/mittens are not something I usually feel the need to invest in. This year, however, we had an entire week in December of no school because of snow, and we had a big “snowstorm” last weekend that left us with 5 or so inches of snow on the ground. My boys refused to go outside unless they had warmer gloves, so I whipped up a pair of fleece snow mittens (similar to my shark mittens) for each of them and they worked wonders! Fleece Snow Mittens
Trace each child’s hand on a piece of paper with plenty of room around it, and add another 1/4-1/2 inch for seam allowance. Cut that out.Pattern for fleece snow mittens Pin your pattern to 2 layers of fleece and cut it out. Fleece is more stretchy one way than the other; make sure the stretchy direction goes across the wrist so it’s easier to put on. Repeat so you have two pairs of mittens (4 individual pieces).

  Pin pattern to fleece snow mittens Cut out fleece snow mittens Take two mitten pieces and sew them together, leaving an opening at the wrist. Clip the fabric between the fingers and thumb (in the seam allowance), making sure not to cut your stitches.Sew fleece snow mittens together Turn right side out. You can make the wrist section neater by folding it over and sewing around, but I just left it as it was. I layered our thin gloves under these fleece mittens for added warmth. Fleece Snow Mittens Go play outside! For the entire 5-10 minutes my boys lasted outside before they were done, their hands stayed perfectly dry and warm…it was the snow on their faces that drove them inside. This project took me 20-30 minutes and was completely worth it! Fleece Snow Mittens I’ll be linking up to Works For Me Wednesday, Mom’s LibraryClever Chicks Blog Hop, Share it SaturdayTGIF, Kids Get Crafty, The Mommy Club, Tip Me Tuesday, Inspire me Wednesday, We Made That Wednesday, Whatever Goes Wednesday, Penny Pinching Party,


  1. great job! double points for making instead of going out and purchasing ready made. your boys will appreciate the work you put in to them someday.

  2. What a good idea! Good job! I can't picture hardly any snow. Lucky! I live in North Central Ohio. Lots of snow and cold! Sigh. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you!

  3. Awe, your boys are so lucky to have a mom who can whip up a pair of mittens in no time! Hope they enjoyed the snow!!