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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Simplify the Holidays with Cardstore

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Cardstore. I received complimentary cards and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Honestly, I was seriously considering skipping sending out Christmas cards this year. We get very few cards from friends and family each year, and I think that is due to the frequent use of social media in this day and age. Christmas newsletters are hard to write when all of my friends have seen our regular updates throughout the year online. For me, in past years, the effort, time and cost of Christmas card seemed to outweigh any benefits associate with sending out those cards. Plus, I hate licking envelopes! 

Sorry if I sound like a grinch, but Christmas cards take a lot of work. Even the addressing is time-consuming.

However, Cardstore takes a little bit of the burden out of sending Christmas cards. At cardstore.com you can choose from a huge selection of cards ranging from funny to religious for any holiday as well as for other occasions. There are choices from flat to folded cards with many options on how to arrange any pictures you want. You can add a customized message and a "signature" at the bottom. I went and made a cute card in just a few minutes, with a simple front and family pictures on the inside with a personal message. 

Cardstore Christmas card
I think one of the best perks of using Cardstore is the fact that they will print and mail the cards to each of your recipients...no envelope licking! And, once you have signed up for an account and added friends and family members' addresses, those are kept in your account for cards you might send out in the future. 

From 11/14 – 11/20 Cardstore is offering $20 off your $50 order, and from 11/21-11/26 Cardstore is offering 30% off holiday cards!

So, if the thought of buying cards, writing cards, putting them all in envelopes, licking the envelopes, addressing envelopes, putting stamps on envelopes, and taking all of those card-filled envelopes to the post office sounds too exhausting this year, think about trying out Cardstore. Go design your own cards and bring a little Christmas cheer to your loved ones' mail boxes this holiday season with a few less steps on your part. 

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