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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Candy Corn Earrings from a Paperclip

I’ve been meaning to make a candy corn version of my heart earrings for…over a year (ahem)…and finally got it done! Candy corn earrings from a paperclip

To make your own candy corn earrings from a paper clip, first take two paperclips and bend them into a candy corn shape. I cut off one segment of the paperclip so there were three sides. Then I super-glued the ends together.candy corn earring from a paperclip
Take white thread and superglue one end to the top of the candy corn. Wrap it around, and around, and around until you get 2/3rds of the way down. Then tie on yellow thread and start wrapping that around. Follow the picture below. Then you will switch back to white. P1050638
Now, starting up at the top, leave a little room for your hook. Wrap white thread around the entire clip. Go 1/3 down and tie on orange. Wrap that around until you get 2/3 down and switch to yellow. Super glue the end once you have gotten to the bottom. There may be a little bit of space, but that’s why we wrapped the bottom in yellow to start with. P1050640
To help the thread stay in place, I put a few drops of superglue along the edges.

Attach your earring hooks with a jump ring and sport your cute, frugal earrings this fall!

Thank you Evie S, and Making Cooley Stuff for the inspiration!

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  1. Creative! I love Halloween-style earrings and these sound easy to make.

  2. Saying hi from Whatever Goes Wednesday. I'm your latest follower and those earrings are so creative and amazing. I would never guess they were made from a paperclip. My kids will love them.

  3. You know I've seen these (something like these) too, at pinterest of course, but wasnt really gonna make 'm. yours look really great though... so maybe i should reconsider as they are really unique and fun.