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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

LeapReader Party

Disclosure: I have received free LeapFrog products in order to host the LeapFrog sponsored MommyParty. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Last Saturday, we hosted a LeapReader party. Apparently it was the weekend everyone had to go out of town, so unfortunately we didn’t have a big turnout, but it was fun to have some friends over and get acquainted with the LeapReader!

Before the Party:
To get ready, we set up a little reading nook with a carpet, pillows, the LeapReaders and a bunch of LeapReader books so everyone could be comfortable while they explored.Reading nook for our LeapReader Party Snacks were kept simple since the party was in the morning…we had popcorn and frog shaped jigglers (which were a HUGE hit and gone within minutes).Frog Jigglers for our LeapReader party Popcorn for our LeapReader party
At the Party:
We used the LeapReaders…P1050611
We made letters in baking soda (and made a huge mess…inspired by salt man game)…
Baking soda letters

Colored on pages provided by LeapFrog…Coloring LeapFrog pages and made letters with craft dough…Letters with craft dough at LeapReader party

About the LeapReader:
LeapReader™ Reading and Writing SystemIf you’ve seen LeapFrog Tag, the LeapReader is very similar in how it works, but it can do SO MUCH MORE! We were shocked that the LeapReader can have audiobooks and music. The LeapReader can teach your children to write with their special writing pages. They are also compatible with Tag books (which was great since we already have several). And, instead of using batteries, the LeapReaders can be charged via USB cable.

I love that there are headphone jacks, volume buttons, and it’s easy to select between books, audiobooks and music. My boys are able to easily navigate their LeapReaders. I envision these being fantastic for long road trips :).

At the party, I noticed that our guests were not very into the LeapReaders. They loved the activities, but I think they just weren’t familiar enough with the products to enjoy them to their full potential. My boys are used to their Tag, and are completely comfortable with the Readers.