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Monday, December 10, 2012

Shredded Snowman

If you’re looking for a fun winter craft for your little ones to do, make a shredded snowman with them! I know it’s not the prettiest snowman ever, but it was simple and my 3 year old loved it…Shredded Snowman @ What I Live For

All you need it a piece of paper, a bunch of shredded paper, glue, and whatever you want to use for the eyes, nose, mouth & arms (paper, googly eyes, etc).

Have your child spread some glue in circles for the snowman body parts and then have them sprinkle shredded paper on those circles. Add the eyes, nose, mouth & arms and you’re done :). This was the perfect activity for my 3 year old while his big brother was at school.

Thanks Baby Center & Pinterest!

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