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Friday, June 8, 2012

Pennies for the Potty

We’ve been trying to potty train our 3 year old for quite a while now, and though we weren’t very stressed about it, nothing seemed to help. We went through toys, candy, stickers and anything else we could think of as a reward.

Recently I was in the bathroom at church and heard another mother congratulate her young child for staying dry and mentioned how they would get pennies when they got home. Instantly I wanted to slap my forehead for not thinking of that myself…C is obsessed with money to the point he will sneak into other people’s cars and raid their money tray.

P1030865So far, C is so much more motivated to go potty because he can earn 2-4 pennies! By the end of the summer, I’m hoping he’ll earn enough to buy a small toy for himself and I’m not filling him up with unnecessary sugar.

Just a thought for anyone else in potty training world right now…

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