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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How to Pit Cherries

DSC06371My mom is very proud of her bumper crop of cherries this year and called me very excitedly a week or so ago exclaiming her brilliance in figuring out how to pit cherries with, of all things, icing tips! I have to admit, it’s pretty clever…



Instead of buying a cherry pitter, or using chop sticks or bobby pins as others had suggested, she used icing tip #32 and was able to whip through a huge batch of cherries in no time with 2 tips and both hands. This is something kids can easily do. Then you can freeze or can your cherries!


Thanks Mom!

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  1. So....we have a cherry tree, but before we could harvest any, the birds ate them all! Is there a remedy?

  2. This is great! And to Me in Mommy...I've had the same problem. I was told if you hang a metal pie pan in the tree it will deter the birds. Not sure if that really works or not. Going to try it next year as I've beat them to the cherries I could reach this year. They are welcome to all the ones I cannot reach!