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Monday, May 21, 2012

Onion Experiment

P1030694After seeing a cute idea for growing tulip bulbs inside glasses on Pinterest, I decided to try something similar with an onion so I could show my boys how plants grow. My husband made spaghetti for Mother’s Day and left the middle of the onion completely intact for me.

I filled a tall glass cup about 1/3 with rocks and marbles. I then added water (just to the top of the rocks) and placed the onion on top. The picture you see is only 3 days after putting the onion in the glass and it’s growing like crazy. It’s so cool to see the roots spreading…reaching down to the water and I’m excited to watch this onion grow with my boys.

I’m also excited to try the tulip bulb experiment in a little while too! :)

I’m linking up to Kids Get Crafty, What Are Little Boys Made of? Preschool Corner Friday.

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