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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Back Pocket Pot Holder

I LOVE creative ways to reuse jeans. When I came across Creating My Way to Success, I had to make my own back pocket pot holder that day! It was super simple to make and I had everything on hand :).P1020879

All you need is:

  • A back pocket from a pair of jeans (I used men’s jeans so the pocket was bigger). Make sure to leave as much denim around the pocket as possible.
  • A piece of fleece the same size as your back pocket piece. This acts as the insulator to prevent you from getting burned. I have used this potholder several times and have never been burned so I know the fleece works fine.
  • A piece of fun fabric the same size
  • Bias tape of your choice in color
  • A sewing machine

Make sure all 3 pieces (the denim pocket, the fleece and the decorative fabric) are the same size. Remember that the decorative fabric should be facing the opposite way as it will be the back of your pot holder.P1020871

Take your decorative fabric and fleece pieces and sew them together with the decorative fabric facing out. I did squiggly lines for fun. Trim all of the loose threads.P1020873

Line up your decorative/fleece piece with your denim piece (wrong sides together) and pin the bias tape around the edge, making sure it overlaps all of the pieces. Leave a tail on the end to make your loop.P1020876

Sew around the potholder making sure to catch the front and back of the bias tape as well as the denim piece and the decorative piece. When you get to the end, keep sewing until the end of the bias tape. P1020878

Then fold the end over once and fold that end over to the pot holder. Stitch in place and hang your fun pot holder up with pride :).P1020880

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  1. Omg this is adorable and awesome!!!!!!I can't get my sewing machine threaded for nothing! Smh