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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stuffed Animal Hammock

I don’t know how, but my children have accumulated ridiculous amounts of stuffed animals and I was fed up with having said animals being strewn about everywhere. Growing up I had a stuffed animal chain with pins to hold the animals up, but I wanted something a little simpler, and something I could make…hence the hammock!P1020867

My boys’ room doesn’t have much corner space due to doors and windows so I made two smaller hammocks…one for each corner by the window. P1020862

This hammock is a triangle, hung from the three corners. First, figure out how big you want your hammock to be by measuring from the corner of the room to where you want the hammock to extend to. You will need fabric, cord to hang the hammock by, and a sewing machine.

Cut your fabric to the desired size of your hammock. Then cut an inch or so off of each corner. (This is the fabric I used to make jammies for my hubby and boys for Christmas and it’s so fun having cute dinosaurs to look at underneath their animals :)P1020853

Fold each corner over 1/4 inch and stitch along that seam. P1020854

Now, take each side of your triangle and fold it over 1/4 inch. Then fold it over again to form the casing. Make sure the casing is wide enough for whatever cording you are going to use. Larger hammocks will need a thicker cord. Stitch along the casing as shown below leaving the ends open.P1020855

Attach one end of the cord to a safety pin and use the safety pin to feed the cord through the casing on all three sides of the hammock. Each point of the triangle will have some cord showing.P1020856

Use your stuffed animal hammock to measure where the nails will go on the wall and hammer those in. If you are making a large hammock you may want to use hooks or something heavy duty. P1020861

Hang up your cute hammock and adorn it with all the animals that you will no longer have to pick up constantly :).P1020867

Thanks about.com for the inspiration!

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  1. Oooh so cute and SO PRACTICAL! Love it.

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  2. Oh wow! Brilliant idea! I've never thought about making one of these. When I redo the kids rooms I'm gonna do this.

  3. What a fantastic idea and thanks for the tut Judy!