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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Spider Web for Kids

I have been going crazy waiting until October to share Halloween crafts with you, but I just couldn’t skip September…even though we started Halloween crafts weeks ago :).

This is one of the simplest Halloween crafts that kids of all ages can enjoy…making their own spider web pictures! P1020279All you need is a box large enough for at least one piece of paper, black paint, a marble, and paper of course.

We used the lid from a box of copy paper so I just taped two pieces of recycled paper together and put them blank side up. Put a small dot of paint in the middle and have your kids roll the marble through the paint and all over the paper. P1020278

For younger children, you can have several small dots of paint on the paper to make it easier for them to get the marble in paint.P1020280

The end result is an awesome spider’s web that you can hang on the wall and elaborate with all sorts of spiders :) Is it silly that when my boys were done I had to make one too because it looked like that much fun?

I got this fabulous idea from Celebration Centers to Learn and Grow With by Grace Bickert.

I’ll be linking up to What Are Little Boys Made Of?, Kids Get Crafty, Link & Learn, and Preschool Corner Friday.


  1. A very lovely spiders web :-)

    And I love your Autumn Halloween Header... I have just made some jar jack o'lanterns too. They are such fun!

    Thank you for linking up to Kids Get Crafty!


  2. what a great activity come see what I shared at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

  3. Just found your blog via kids get crafty. The spiderwebs are cool, but i like the pumpkins in your banner at the top. I'll have a look around and see if i can find them anywhere.

  4. Girl you are a preschool crafting queen!!