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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Save & Earn with Coupon Chief

We are, and have been in budgeting/money saving mode in our home pretty much our entire married life due to being in school for all of it. We try to save as much as possible, and every penny I am able to save is important to me as a wife, a homemaker and a mother.

Which is why when I’m shopping for something online, I almost always visit Coupon Chief before checking out because Coupon Chief is a leading source of promo codes for online shopping. Just go to their website, type the store’s name in the search box and you will be taken to a list of available promotional codes/coupons. Your shopping trip just became that much cheaper.


“A penny saved is a penny earned”…right?!

Not only can you “earn” through Coupon Chief’s promo codes, but you can literally earn money by signing up for their Pays-2-Share program. There, you can submit promo codes you find and if the code hasn’t been entered by someone else, you earn commission every time someone uses that promo code through Coupon Chief. I’ve been submitting codes for over a year and have loved this opportunity to contribute a bit to my household’s income. Every single penny counts!

This post is sponsored by Coupon Chief. Though I am being compensated for this post, all opinions expressed herein are 100% mine.

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  1. Thanks for sharing another way to help the family out! I really appreciate it :D