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Friday, August 19, 2011

Spray Bottle vs Water Gun

I got to spend some time recently with my best friend’s mom who used to run a day care. When I told her about the fact my boys were given water guns she explained how she learned to buy cheap spray bottles instead because…

  • They don’t run out of water as quickly, meaning you have to refill them a lot less often
  • They cool kids off faster
  • Younger kids are able to squeeze the trigger much easier than on a water gun
  • They tend to last longer (one of our water guns has already died)

Brilliant, no?! Those water guns are nearly impossible to refill, especially for children so I think next time I’m on the lookout for something to cool off during the summer, I will get some dollar store spray bottles and let my kids have at it.

I’ll be linking up at Works for Me Wednesday.


  1. Going to buy a spray bottle this weekend! Little Bit will dig this :D

  2. Sweet. We.don't let our kids.play with any type of.gun so this would be perfect. Would.you know.my oldest.brought a water gun home from her Tennessee trip.