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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jumping Critters

Want to hear a sad story? The other day I got my boys all loaded in the stroller with sunscreen, towels, etc and ran to change into my own swim suit only to come back and find that my 2 year old had hidden the sunscreen. Sooo…after searching everywhere and still not finding it, we walked up to CVS, bought some sunscreen and walked over to the pool. Here’s the really sad part…the pool was closed.

K was crushed and the only thing that cheered him up at all was the promise of making jumping grasshoppers when we got home. Thank goodness I had seen Clicking & Flipping Fun the other week and had been saving it for an activity to do with my boys because it saved the day!

We printed out some grasshoppers to color, and of course frogs were included because they jump too…and monsters :). DSCN5579

Then I used my trust sticky tac to stick the pictures to some clothes pins.DSCN5582

I showed my boys how to push down on the back end and let go to make their critters jump and K squealed with joy! Those things jump so fast I could never get a good picture but it was tons of fun for everyone including C who had to have a bit of help.DSCN5584

When all was said and done, I still had functioning clothes pins and laughter ringing in my ears…all in all a successful endeavor with my kiddos :)


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  2. Aw those are so cute. That sounds like something that'll happen to us. I'd have to try this project with the kids.

  3. too cute!

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  4. That is so cute. My kids would love that.

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  9. The pool was closed....in the heat of the summer?!?

    Glad you remembered the bugs! I think I saw before, but was just glancing at the pictures, which didn't make much sense to me . . . I get it now!

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  12. Oh how heartbreaking! We had that happen about a month ago except it was the Little Gym not the pool. Little Bit is to little to be bummed but I was certainly put out. Glad to hear you were able to make lemonade with your lemons though <3

  13. Oh, how sad. Good thing you had such a good trick up your mama sleeve!

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