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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

My blog is a place where I share the things that make my life more enjoyable and more worth living…my children, fun things I do with them, etc. The posts I publish are the things I live for.

Often, life isn’t fair, and the most we can do is try to find joy in life. Many bloggers, Facebookers, Twitter-ers, etc are in an outrage about the Casey Anthony verdict and I don’t blame them…however, I cannot condemn the jurors or the judge for what they decided. This is how our justice system works. Whether it is broken or not, the focus is still on protecting the innocent above all.

Ever since I heard the verdict of Anthony’s trial, this quote keeps playing through my mind: “It is better that 10 guilty men should go free than 1 innocent man be wrongly convicted.” There was enough doubt with this case that Anthony could not be convicted.

And that is what I live for! I live for the hope that I will be protected, that my children and family will be protected should we ever be wrongly accused. I live for the hope that people around the world will learn from this horrible tragedy and hug their children a little closer, love them a little more. I live for the hope that children like Caylee Anthony and Christian Choate will be noticed, loved and protected in the future. This is what I live for!


  1. Well said & I love your point of view!

  2. I understand your viewpoint, but if you were wrongly accused, wouldn't you stand up for yourself and prove yourself innocent, without a shadow of a doubt? In this day and age, I'm quite positive you and I would be protected.

    Yes, I could see how some people had doubts about Anthony's actions regarding the death of her daughter, but common sense fills in the gaps for me.

  3. And I know everyone has their own opinions on this!

  4. @Discovering the Me in Mommy,
    I honestly haven't followed the trial that closely but am very frustrated with the cries of outrage at our justice system when the jurors did what they were supposed to...they could not without a shadow of a doubt convict her. Casey will be affected the rest of her life because of what happened to her daughter and I do think that how she handled everything is bizarre, twisted and wrong. One day, justice will catch up to her if she did kill her daughter.