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Thursday, June 16, 2011

It Never Hurts to Be Prepared!

After spending 36 hours in the last couple of days without electricity, I am even more convinced that it never hurts to be prepared! I am grateful to say that we are all fine and did well without power during that time and I know that it is in large part because of our:

  • Oil Lamp…hubby and I were able to stay up a little later and read books until we got tired.
  • Coleman camping stove and propane. I was able to heat up leftovers that otherwise would have gone to waste in our non-functioning fridge.
  • Flashlights-my boys were in heaven running around with them the entire time and loved it!
  • Cooler which kept food cold as long as we had ice in it.
  • Water. Thankfully we never lost water or else we would have had to go somewhere else (or at least used lots of disposable dishes!).

This was not the kind of natural disaster that we couldn’t run to the store for more supplies, but it was good to know that if the need should arise, I think we would be ok. We have 72 hour kits for each of us as well as all of the above. The last few days were a great reminder and eye awakening for me as to what else would be helpful or what I would have done different.

If you were to lose power, what would you need to be prepared?


  1. I'm glad you all were prepared. I can honestly say we will not be prepared. Think its time we make some preparations.

  2. OH MY gosh- that is twice as long as we were without power. Did the townhouses across from you have power??? We lived there during the bad 2007 ice storm and were out of power for 5 DAYS while across from us was only about a day!!!

  3. Good thing you guys were prepared. And it's always a great advice to be ready for an emergency situation like this. I just discovered your blog and I am now following you thanks to Weekend Hop, and it would be so nice if you could share the love back on my blog;)
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    Happy Friday