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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Teaching Kids to Eat Veggies

There are very few parents in this world who have never had to struggle to get their kids to eat their veggies. I am not one of them.

Now that K is old enough to hold a conversation and understand more, I have found that he is much more willing to eat his veggies and other foods if he understands the part that those foods play in his body. As soon as I explain that beans have protein and will make his muscles strong, he gobbles them up!

All my husband and I have to do is look up the nutritional value of whatever we are eating and dinner goes so much smoother for us.

I have even found that when I understand the role a food has in my health, I am more willing to eat it, and make sure to incorporate it into my diet. I always knew that peas were good for you, but had no idea that they were high in vitamin A, vitamin C, B vitamins and lutein (thanks Wikipedia).

Eating healthy…convincing my kids to eat healthy…that works for me.


  1. Totally. My kids have started asking for snacks by nutritional value (can I have juice or do I need whole fruit for the fiber?) Laying the groundwork now for future health!

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  3. I was fortunate that my kids ate and loved vegetables. I remember a mother calling me when my son stayed over with such astonishment that my son ate Brussels Sprouts, asked for seconds and talked her son into trying them.
    I made boiled eggs look like chickens and made half pears look like bunny faces and used thin carrot strips for ears. That was probably some of the secrets to my success.

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  6. Pretty cool idea. The only vegetables my mom could get me to eat were lettuce, carrots (salad) and corn. I love most veggies now, but I just know my mom would have loved to have the Internet at her fingertips when I was growing up. There was just no convincing me that I needed to eat my peas or beans or broccoli or any other veggie. :-)