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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Green Onions

If you are like me and struggle maintaining that green thumb of yours, having had many plants die young, plant green onions! These things are super hardy and this will be much cheaper than buying them from the grocery store every time a recipe calls for them.

You don’t even have to start with seeds. Like I mentioned last year, buy some green onions from the grocery store. Cut off the green stems and use them in  your dinner. Plant the onions, water them as often as you remember to, and watch them grow. The onions in our pot are over a year old, having survived two winters, freezing rain, howling winds, thunderstorms, basically everything.DSCN5121

Presto! Green onions in your back yard :). I can run out back, snip off a few and throw them into whatever recipe I desire. If I need the onion, I can pull one up, wash it off and it’s ready.

These will grow great in a pot or in the ground, but they might overtake other plants if planted too close.

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  1. Judy, this is awesome, and if you've seen my experiments with growing food from the kitchen, you'd know this is right up my alley. LOVE it.

    Thanks so much for sharing!! I hope you keep my in mind every week:)
    BellaBella Before and After

  2. Thanks! We use a lot of these--did not know you could grow them from leftovers! Hard to kill = bonus!

  3. Green onions are so tasty. Your right they are super simple to grow. Enjoy them!

  4. I also didn't know you could grow them from leftovers. Great news. I love green onions. I am now following you. I actually found you through the twitter hop.

  5. I didn't know you could grow them that way. Sounds easy enough even for me and I'm a green onion lover :)

  6. This is too funny because last year our green onions were the only thing that didn't grow- a complete dud. Lol. Thanks so much for visiting my blog, and following!! It's so awkward to first start a blog and feel like you're writing into thin air, so I really appreciate it! I loved the photo alpha idea you have posted above this, so creative! :)

  7. I did this last year in our garden and I was amazed when it worked.

    I just killed cilantro and basil indoors...I'll have to see if I can kill onions indoors as well LOL!