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Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentines Card

I sure hope my parents enjoy handmade (by 3 year old) cards, because they tend to get a lot of them. This year, we made a mosaic type card and K was so excited to do the glue himself :).

I cut out a heart on the front panel of a card. On the inside front of the card, I traced the heart.


K tore apart Valentine’s colored bits of paper from a magazine and glued them (with a glue stick) inside the heart I traced.DSCN4883

When the glue was dry, he colored on the inside of the card, and I transcribed what he wanted to say to Grandma and Grandpa and we put it in an envelope ready to mail.DSCN4886

One reason I really enjoyed making this card was that the front could still look neat with the heart outlining the mosiac K had made on the inside. Another plus was that this card was not terribly messy to make and allowed K to do it all on his own. :).

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  1. Hey Judy, that is adorable. Honestly handmade KID cards are the best. I saved every single one my kids made, and even my mom still has some from us when we were little. So cute.

    Did you see my post about making a card for our soldiers??? You should really see if you can help out with this, I bet your kids would love it!!! Read about it HERE.

    THANKS so much for linking up to **AMAZE ME AUGUST**I love having you, and thanks to you, I'm getting close to my goal of having 100 link ups, YAYYY.

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    Bella :)