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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tupperware Organizer to Lazy Susan

Did anyone else receive one of these for their wedding?:


If your cupboards are big enough, and if you don’t break/lose half of the lids/smallest storage containers, these can be fantastic. Sadly, we’ve lost and broken so many that the organizer became fairly useless, never mind we couldn’t stack the tallest containers in it because it wouldn’t fit in our cupboards. When I suggested giving it away, my thoughtful hubby looked at our spice cabinet and inspiration struck! A lazy susan :)


After taking out the plastic dividers, my husband chopped/sanded/whatever you want to call it off the pieces that hold the dividers into place. DSCN4742

I then found some cute scrap book paper I liked and traced the spinning portion of the organizer onto it. I made sure it was centered so I could use the corners of the paper.DSCN4745

After cutting the circle out of the scrap book paper, I traced the corners of the base of the organizer and cut those out, trimming as needed so they would fit just right.DSCN4746

I Mod Podged all the paper onto the corresponding parts of the organizer and once it was dry, I added a top coat of Mod Podge.DSCN4750

I then sprayed my now Lazy Susan/former organizer with an acrylic sealer.DSCN4764

Once that was dry I raced into my kitchen, shoved it in my cupboard and loaded it with every spice that could fit. I was a little excited :).DSCN4769









The neat thing about this Lazy Susan is that the round part slides away from the base, so I can slide it out of my cupboard for easy viewing as I spin it round and round! How’s that for a makeover, eh?!


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  1. This is very cool. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Very clever! I don't know how you thought this one up. Way to be resourceful!