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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Parking Garage from a Box

In case you didn’t know, we love cardboard boxes around here. Quite often when the UPS man delivers a box, K starts spouting off all the things he wants me to make out of our new box. DSCN4607
K keeps asking me for a blacktop (aka road), but we’ve already made one, so I wanted to try something new. DSCN4612
In the two days we’ve had this, K has spent several hours driving his cars up and down the ramp and parking them on the upper level. Crafts are always more rewarding when the one you make it for enjoys it :)DSCN4611
I just cut off the top flaps of the box and used those to make a ramp, an upper parking level, and support beams under both of them. It took 20 minutes max and is still reaping rewards. DSCN4608
Does anyone know how to make a motorcycle out of a cardboard box? That’s my next request :)

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  1. This is a great place to play and store cars. I love the ramp!

  2. My grandchildren would love that for all their matchbox cars especially if they made it themselves.

  3. My kids would get such a kick out of this! They aren't really interested in store bought toys. They would love something made of cardboard though.

  4. okay so I just wandered over here and this is so stinking cute! I am a Granny of a 2 year old boy who LOVES his cars and 'choo-choos' so this is a sweet little project for me to reproduce!!! Love, love!


  5. Cardboard boxes are the best invention. My daughters favorite toy was an oatmeal box. She used it as a drum, stored her treasures there and found an infinite amount of other good uses for it.

  6. Amazing what you can make out of a box and how much fun they can bring to the life of a child.