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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pinecone Turkey

Does anyone else remember making pinecone turkeys in elementary school? I think we used construction paper for the feathers…

If you don’t have construction paper, all you need are bits of nature to make your own cute little pinecone turkey!

K has been collecting pinecones all summer and he was more than thrilled to collect various colorful leaves on a recent walk around the neighborhood. Kids can do a lot of the work including collecting supplies and if they’re old enough, the gluing. DSCN4401
Once your leaves have been pressed in a phone book or other heavy book for a few days, have your child glue or tell you where to glue the leaves to create a colorful tail.DSCN4402
Glue a small stick on the front for the neck and using two tabs from another pinecone or something like an acorn, glue that onto the stick. A piece of a red leaf glued to the bottom of the head will work great as a wattle! DSCN4407
These can make cute little center pieces for your Thanksgiving feast or you can release them back into the wild :)
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