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Monday, November 29, 2010

Make Your Own Snow Globe

The day after Thanksgiving, the boxes came out of the closet and while hubby was at work, our apartment was transformed. Ok, not totally, but C woke up from his nap and hunted down every Christmas decoration when he first woke up with wide eyes and unintelligible, excited yelling. Basically, I’ve been bursting to decorate!

After seeing the idea to make a snow globe on The Mommy Diaries, I knew I had to make one too to make the Christmas transformation more complete. These would be so cute if you used baby food jars to put on goody platters you're giving to friends and family!DSCN4520

All you need are:
  • An empty, clean jar and lid
  • An ornament that you don’t mind never hanging on the tree again
  • Strong glue (I used E6000)
  • Glitter
  • Water
  • A cute kid to love your snow globe is always helpful :)
Make sure the label and all label related gunk are removed from the jar.

Cut the ribbon/wire/whatever is attached to your ornament off and glue it to the lid. Let dry for as long as you can stand it (I would suggest overnight). DSCN4479
Pour some glitter in your jar and add water. Leave enough room for your ornament. I poured some water in then screwed the lid on to see if it was full yet, and if not, added more water (repeatedly). DSCN4486
With your ornament firmly attached to the lid, screw the lid onto the jar tightly. You may want to glue around the lid to make it more water proof, but I think I will leave it as is so I can dump the water after Christmas for storage. Snow Globe
If you can’t stand the lid, cut out some fabric or scrapbook paper to just larger than the lid and Mod Podge it onto the lid. You can add cute Christmas ribbon along the side of the lid too. You can use some rubber bands to hold the fabric on while it dries.
Shake, shake, shake! DSCN4550
It’s kind of soothing to watch the glitter flurry around, and K has loved it…constantly promising to use two hands if I will just let him hold it :)2010-11-26
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