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Friday, September 17, 2010

Move More with PlayStation Move

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PlayStation(R) Move. All opinions are 100% mine.

Before I begin this post, can I just say I thought XBox was part of PlayStation? Yeah...we didn't have any sort of gaming systems growing up, except for the joystick my dad had hooked up to his computer for flight simulation games. Going to friend's houses and playing on their Nintendo was a novelty. Nevermind I stunk at most games because I never played them.

I have always admired the Wii, having played it at friend's houses (yes, they cycle continues, and no, I'm not getting much better), and have seriously thought about getting one because of all the things they offer like Wii Fit. I didn't even know there were other products similar to the Wii, let alone the PlayStation(R)MOVE

Now, with my limited gaming experience and knowledge, I will try to explain to you what the PlayStation(R)MOVE is all about. Like the Wii, it comes with controls that sense your movement, but also affect the player through vibration feedback, and you view your games in 3D! There are dozens of games for all ages, and I expect that even more games especially for young children will emerge as this product becomes more popular. The games include fighting, sports, party games and sorcery.

If I were to open my front door one day and a genie, with a lamp in one hand, and a PlayStation Move in the other were to excaim loudly that I had won, I can start envisioning the fun we would have. My 3 year old loves playing sport games just shaking the controller up and down, so obviously this would be great for him :). I could exercise at home, play games against my husband (we literally have a rule that states whatever happens in the game stays there..."it's all in the game!"), watch TV shows through Hulu Plus, and use the Blu-ray Player (once I had enough money to buy Blu-ray DVD's). As our family grows, we could collect more controllers and enjoy family game night, or have friends over for more fun.

I'm not saying I would go out and buy a PlayStation Move right now (we don't even have a TV plugged into the wall for basic channels) but I am saying there are options out there-options I had no idea even existed. The Move controller even comes with a color changing sphere on the top! If you're in the market for a gaming system type thing, check this out and let me know what you think!

To see what the PlayStation Move is all about, head over here: http://www.playstationmove.com/

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