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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Make Your Own Peek-A-Boo Blocks!

Our darling little C is a stinker when it comes to fruits. He will not eat any kind of fruit no matter how sweet or yummy everyone else in the world seems to think it is. The only way (other than fruit juice) to get fruit into him is the Gerber fruit/grain puree foods. He will not eat homemade baby food.

As a result, we got through those plastic containers quite quickly and I got sick of throwing away such perfectly good plastic! As I was thinking about what I could use them for, other than storing food, and inspiration struck...blocks. Not only that, because they are clear, I could put fun things in them just like those Peek-A-Boo blocks that are so popular for kids right now. DSCN3932

All you do is clean and dry the containersDSCN3926
Fill them with different things. I stuck with dry foods such as salt, nuts, wheat, popcorn kernals, etc. DSCN3927
Use hot glue or super glue or E-6000 glue or whatever glue you are committed to, to glue the lids onto the container. Make sure they hold nice and tight.DSCN3932
Give 'em to that little guy or gal and watch them stack, shake and enjoy these frugal toys. Always supervise your little one with these, but these would be perfect for a toy drawer or bucket in the kitchen to keep little one occupied while you cook!2010-09-13 
I'm linking up to Tot Tuesday @ Delicious Ambiguity, Penny Pinching Party @ The Thrifty Home, and Works For Me Wednesday @ We Are That Family. 


  1. Great idea! I will have to make some of these for my son- he would love it!

  2. I used the containers that we had from homemade baby food as musical instruments just like you... Kids eat what they are used to mine would not touch jarred food for at least 3 days when traveling b/c they were used to home made. Sooner or later they will learn how to eat both as long as we expose them to both.

  3. I love it! When I was a nanny I saved all the containers the baby went through, figuring I would use them for something. They are still waiting for me to use them, until now :)

  4. such a great idea. My little guy loves blocks. I gave you an award, you have a great blog!

  5. Brilliant idea. It's cheap and you can change out the containers as he gets older too. Now why didn't I think of that?! :) I've featured you today on Tot Tuesdays. Have a super week!