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Friday, September 24, 2010

How to Easily Clean Your Shower Curtain

I really hope I'm not alone in the fact that even when I'm doing really well at keeping our place clean, there are things I just never think to clean until I'm totally out of energy...like my shower curtain (no need to comment honey). I have no desire to climb in the shower, spray down the curtain and scrub it! Maybe I'm the only one who hadn't thought of other options, but all I could think to do is what I described above, and I was never in the mood for it. Seriously, for the entire year we've lived where we're at, I haven't done it.

I'm just about mortified to show you the picture of our shower curtain, but it's for the greater good, right? I had seriously forgotten that it was a clear curtain...DSCN4007
I recently got a free Taste of Home magazine in the mail, and in that magazine came a handy little cleaning tips sheet. I bet you'll never guess what was on there? Yeah, how to clean your shower curtain. If yours is as bad as mine, I really wouldn't mind you commenting so I can feel slightly less bad about it :)

Is your shower curtain desperate for a good scrubbing? Here's how:

Take your curtain off the rings and put it in the washing machine with two bath towels (this won't work without the bath towels, according to Taste of Home, and I wasn't about to mess with their wisdom!).

Add 1/2 cup detergent and 1/2 cup baking soda and run your curtain/towels through a complete cycle.

On the rinse cycle, stop it and add 1 cup vinegar. This will help stop streaks and add shine.

Stop your machine before it spins the final spin and hang your curtain up asap. You can leave the towels in to spin out. The wrinkles in your shower curtain will disappear as it dries and you will be shocked at how beautifully clean your curtain is! Your 18 month old might actually let you close the curtain when he's bathing because he can see you and still splash without getting you all wet.
I'm linking up to Works for Me Wednesday @ We Are That Family, Frugal Friday @ Mrs. Moneysaver, Fab Friday @ Frugal & Fabulous Design, and Frugalicious Friday @ Finding Fabulous, most of which are frugal links, because what's more frugal that washing that old curtain and making it look like new :)?


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  2. My shower curtain looks just as bad, and has black yuckiness on the bottom! (My husband primarily uses that shower...I use one with a glass door that is much easier to clean.) I am definitely going to try this!

  3. I have GOT to try this!

    Thanks for linking up to Fab Friday -


  4. This will work without towels. I have been washing the same walmart plastic shower curtain with tide laundry soap and it comes out perfectly clean. You really don't need the vinegar and baking soda. I also let my machine run the whole cycle even spin! :)

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