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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Boost Mobile

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

I currently own a semi functional phone that until my contract is up, I am stuck with unless I want to pay exorbitant amounts of money for a new one. For me, this is fine. I really don't mind (for the most part) pressing 3 extra buttons just to call someone because the send button is broken. This phone was free. For others, a similar situation might drive them nuts, especially if they make a lot of phone calls or use their phones for web browsing, social media and e-mail.

Boost Mobile is part of the Sprint Prepaid Group, which has phones and services without long-term contracts. Perfect if you suddenly can't afford it or need a different plan. 

It also offers a Re-Boost method of renewing funds in your account through automatic payments or by paying online, in person or by phone.You can even use your debit or credit card :0.

These phones are meant for socaility! You can update Facebook or Twitter with ease for one price each month, as well as unlimited nationwide talk and text. Like I said, I use my phone in a limited fashion because of it's issues, but if I were traveling, or wanted to see updates on a sick family member (some people use FB or Twitter because everyone uses them), I might want to have a phone that can access these sites. This plan would help you be in constant touch with friends and family on Facebook...which could be good or bad :)

For only $60 a month, you can get their Blackberry Monthly Unlimited Plan which offers unlimited talk, text, web and e-mail. If I had $60 extra a month, I might look into this more. Boost Mobile also offers the i1 phone. Both are easily found at stores across the nation.

If social media, texting and web browsing are your thing for your phone, look into this plan. I honestly have no idea how much similar plans cost because I don't even have text on my phone, but it might be worth your time to check this out.

Visit my sponsor: Reboost

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