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Monday, July 5, 2010

Crayon Rebirth

Once upon a time, there was a box. A box full of crayons. No crayon was alike…each had a different color, a different point. Some were loved more than others for their brilliant colors or size.DSCN3283
The smallest of the crayons were often ignored by the little boy they so desperately wanted to please because they were too small for his hands to grasp.
One day, all of the small, broken crayons gathered together. It was decided that in order to gain the love and attention of this boy, they would shed their warm paper coats, and cram themselves into a crowded disc. As word spread, more and more crayons came, begging to join their cause.DSCN3283
The journey would be long; torturous. They would face temperatures up to 350 degrees to attempt to unite into a big crayon. United, all of the little crayons would in turn be more loved than they ever could alone. The heat was painful and melted away many of the crayons’ resolves, but they pressed on. DSCN3284
Finally, they were saved from the brutality of the oven. They were forced to wait until they had cooled. The wait was almost unbearable after all they had gone through. DSCN3287 Their hard work had paid off. The little boy discovered the magical crayons, round little disks that  were perfect for grasping in his hands. As he rotated them and drew line after line, the magic only became more real as each new section of the crayon disk brought new color and life to the page. DSCN3285 Now, the little crayons knew, they would never be ignored. They would hold places of honor in the crayon box and their sacrifice had paid off. DSCN3288
And they lived happily ever after…

For the technical details, I cooked the crayons in a Gerber lid at 350 degrees for probably less than 5 minutes. Check every 2 minutes or less and as soon as it's done, pull it out and let it cool. You can also use silicone muffin pans.
Do be careful because these spill easily. If you use Gerber lids, put a cookie sheet with foil on it under to protect your oven.


  1. Hey Judy- how long did you cook these and at what temp????

  2. This is perfect! I've seen this before and just the other day I gathered all the little crayon rejects together but realized i didn't exactly know what i was doing. Now I do - thanks!!