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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Escape

I was in orchestra in high school, and with that came many perks. My senior year we went to California to participate in the Heritage Music Festival. While there, we toured many of the sites such as Hollywood, the beach, Disney Land, and California Adventures. It was one of the most fun filled experiences of my life!

The rides were amazing. My favorite was Indiana Jones, but I did go on many of the roller coasters and other rides.

Shirley Temple was one of my favorite child stars, and touching her star and handprints in Hollywood was amazing.

Even though we saw many amazing things, I think my favorite part of that trip was our performance. Despite getting extremely sick on the way to California, I was still able to perform, and miraculously didn’t cough the entire performance. That night, we were announced as the winners of the competition, and all the work we had put into that performance paid off.

As my children grow older I am constantly thinking of places to take them. I would love to one day take C and K to Disneyland or Disney World, though right now it is extremely over our budget allowance. I have no idea if we would figure out the whole trip on our own or look into something like the Disney World Packages, but one day I hope to go there.

I don’t think I’ve even been to Florida!

On second thought, if I had to choose between taking my children to Florida, or taking them to Australia or Europe (as long as we can afford it), I would choose the latter. Though a theme park would be fun, I am convinced we would have much fonder memories of times spent touring castles, or playing with my cousins’ families who live in Australia.

Where ever we do go, I think we would just love that time together as a family.

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