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Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Story: The Beginning

I joined up with Janna at Mommy’s Piggy Tales in an effort to record my life. Each week we will be posting about a specific stage of our lives. Though I’m a little intimidated by this great indeavor, I want my children to be able to read about who I was, how I lived growing up. So here goes…

My Birth


My mom cried when she found out she was pregnant with me. Not tears of joy, mind you. Of course, I would cry too if I were pregnant with my second child just 4 months after giving birth to my first child. Though she was terrified, she kept me!

For a full week before I was born my mom suffered hard contractions. As soon as they would get close enough, they would head to the hospital, but once they hit those doors, the contractions would stop…only to start again after she and my dad were back home.

When I finally came, I couldn’t breathe on my own and had to stay in the hospital for a week. Though this was hard on my mom, she attributes her quicker recovery to the fact that she didn’t have to care for me constantly.

I was named after one of my mom’s friends; Judith. I used to hate how old my name was. I think I’ve met one other Judith remotely close to my age in my entire life! But I’ve grown more fond of it as I’ve grown up, because it’s part of who I am.

On a side note…after I had C, he contracted Group B Strep, and also had to spend time in the NICU. This time was incredibly stressful and painful for me, but because I knew my mom had done it, I could do it too. Her words of encouragement meant so much more to me because she truly understood.


  1. I'll admit, I think you're the first true "Irish twin" I've become acquainted with. Being so close in age with your older sibling must have been fun some days and exasperating on others. You and your family are blessed with great inner strength, and I'm looking forward to reading more about your life.

  2. i loved reading your story and I can relate. I am 1 yr. and 3 days younger than my brother, and I went on to have my first two children 13 months apart. It was almost like having twins! I'm really looking forward to hearing more of your life growing up!

  3. I think I would cry if I became pregnant that quickly, too. :) In fact, over a year ago, my sister called me sobbing when she found out she was pregnant when her baby was about 8 months old. It always turns out super fun in the end, though - I would think, having a sibling so close in age. This will be fun, hearing everyone's stories.

  4. I was so scared to get prego until my B was at least one. I couldn't imagine doing it all again so quickly. I'm sure you are such a joy to her now and yes it is neat when we have seen our mothers survive and know we can too. You were so cute!