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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Car Caddy

DSCN3066When I saw Jill’s Cozy Car Caddy Tutorial, I knew that K had to have one. My favorite part about it? You can easily make it from scrap fabric on hand! Since mine was a little different from hers, here’s how I made mine:
What you need:
  • Two pieces of denim (mine was from an old pair of jeans); one piece measuring 17x8.5 inches, and the other piece 17x6 inches.
  • Once piece of fabric 17x8.5 inches
  • One piece of black or grey fabric 17x3 inches
  • 7 pieces of yellow fabric, each measuring 1x1/4 inches.
  • Scrap fabric for appliqué car.
  • Snaps
  • Sewing machine
  • Wonder Under, or similar product
1. Cut out fabric and iron black fabric and yellow strips onto Wonder Under (directions are on the packaging, or read my directions here).
2. Fold your black fabric in half lengthwise and arrange yellow strips in the middle of your road (use the crease as a guide). Remove the paper backing from the Wonder Under and press onto the road.
3. Remove the paper backing from your road and press onto the 17x8.5 inch fabric. The road should be centered in the top half of the fabric. DSCN3087 4. Trace the appliqué car onto the Wonder Under and adhere to the scrap fabric of your choice. Cut this out, remove the paper backing, place in the bottom center of the 17x8.5 inch piece of denim and press. DSCN3088
5. Stitch around the yellow lines and the road if desired for added durability, as well as the appliquéd car. This isn’t necessary with Wonder Under, but kids can be pretty brutal.
6. Fold your 17x6 inch piece of denim in half and press. This will be the pocket for your cars. Pin and sew the bottom of the pocket along the bottom of your 17x8.5 inch fabric.
7. Sew vertical lines spaced about 2.75 inches apart through your pockets. Make sure to backstitch at the top and bottom of the pockets. DSCN3086(Sorry, I took these pictures after it was done, but this should give a general idea.)
8. Pin the two 17x8.5 inch pieces of fabric right sides facing each other and sew together, making sure the pockets are being sewn. Leave a space large enough to turn. Turn right side out, iron the edges if desired, and ladder stitch the opening closed.
9. Attach the snaps. I folded the caddy into thirds and marked where I wanted the snaps to be. If you have never hammered a snap on, go here. Make sure the snaps are facing the proper way so that when it is folded, you can snap it shut. If you would rather use velcro, check out Jill’s tutorial for how she places the velcro and strap. If this makes no sense, please let me know and I will try to explain better. DSCN3084 10. Give this fun little caddy filled with cars to a boy who will cherish it.DSCN3082 DSCN3085
You can appliqué or paint letters or numbers onto the pockets, but I thought it looked cute as is and left it alone, for now at least :)

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  1. You kind of go to town with this applique stuff, huh? It's very versatile; so impressed again!

  2. Very cute! Thanks for your sweet comment. I need to make one for my son now.

  3. Cute caddy! Thanks for stopping by spools! So funny that you commented about this today... I am just now starting a second one of these for my nephew for his 3rd birthday.

  4. Looks like your little one loves it. Thanks for linking up with What are little boys made of?

  5. Oh, I really like the snap detailing. That is very clever, I will definitely try your approach. Great job and thanks for letting me know about it.

  6. that is so cute. My son would love it. too bad I'm not very crafty. bummer.

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    Have a great day!

  8. Clever idea to use snaps :)
    I posted a tute for car cozy last year after scouring the net and not finding anything :)
    I like Jill's ideas on it.
    Cute blog :) Here is the link from last year.

  9. Thanks for linking up to Tot Tuesdays! Love these things and have to get my hands on one (or a sewing machine!) I hope you’ll join me again next week for another fantastic party! Have a great week!