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Monday, May 24, 2010

What If?

Do you ever think about those "what if" situations? Those horrible ones that you try to determine the best way to handle it. I do. A lot. Especially about scenarios in which I have my boys with me. What if I went on a walk with our big double stroller and someone tried to rob me? What if someone tried to grab one of my kids? I'm not as paranoid as I think I sound, but I do think about these things. If I can think about something and have a plan, I feel more comfortable and prepared.

My husband didn't believe me when he asked once if I ever thought about dying for my children and I responded yes. I think it's just part of being a mother. I have thought about jumping in front of a car to save my child, or this or that.

I have always contemplated taking a self defense course. Maybe just a small one to learn the basics. I know I would feel more prepared for all of those what if situations. Some areas offer cheap ones held by police officers, or I know some churches offer them occasionally.

If I were able to learn to defend myself, maybe the what if scenarios that play through my head would end differently? I'm sure the cost and time spent would be well worth it...I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

I don't constantly think about death, but I think about where my wallet is so I can throw it at the robber and run with all my might. I make sure the stroller always has it's brakes on if I'm not holding it so it can't roll in front of a car.

What are ways you make sure you're prepared for the worst? How do you protect yourself?

Disclaimer: Though this is a sponsored post, I believe it is crucial to be prepared in every aspect of our lives, as best we can be. Please share with me your thoughts on the matter.

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