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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lego Smiles

Last week we received a package from the Lego Smart program, with a baggie of Lego’s. To be honest, I looked at the package with the small amount of Lego’s and thought K would ignore it since there were so few blocks.

To the contrary! He yelled in excitement when he found the bag and has played with those 20 some odd blocks for hours! I never thought that a baggie of Lego’s could be so entertaining, but his 3 year old mind has made those blocks into countless things. DSCN3057 Any home educator can request a packet of Lego’s to take part in the Lego Smart program. It comes with an instruction sheet on different ways to use the Lego’s. If you don’t participate in this, maybe ask a nephew or someone who has Lego’s if you could have 20 different blocks, and see what your little one can do with it. I was amazed at K’s creativity!

DSCN3058 It is so important to never limit what your child can do because you think you know them and their capabilities. My boys are always shocking me with what they can figure out on their own.

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