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Monday, May 17, 2010

Camping with Little Ones

I’ve started thinking about what kind of vacations we can do this summer with two little ones and a limited income. At this point in our lives, one of the most viable options is camping. I used to love camping with my family, and we have had several fun campouts with our kids. I think they will only get better as our kids get older!

My husband took K on a father/son campout recently and K had so much fun, I don't see how we can not go camping this summer.

Camping is one of the cheapest ways to spend quality time with your family. Bonds are formed as you experience life differently than how you see it every day. There is so much to learn and experience in nature that can't be replicated anywhere else.

If nothing else, it's wonderful to get away, and unplug from our chaotic, electronic filled lives. We get so used to constant noise and visual stimulation through computer or television that it's easy to forget what happens in the world around us.

When I think about camping and what works best for us, I can’t help but think about our great, two room camping tent (it’s kind of similar to the huge ones in the link). My husband worked for an outdoors type of store and got one on a huge discount and I’m so glad he did. We don’t have to worry about being crowded, especially since kids require 5 times as much stuff as adults do! As long as we take good care of this tent, it should last us for many years.

I don’t know how my parents handled two kids in this tent (I’m the cute scrawny kid on the left):

IMG_0056 Yeah, my dad somehow fit in there too.

What are your family secrets to successful camping trips? My biggest concern this year is keeping C away from any open flames.

Disclaimer: I did receive compensation for this post, but everything in this post is written by me, with honest to goodness hopes of going camping this summer with my family!

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  1. well, we're going to take all 3 children on a camping road trip soon. I guess we should probably start taking them on shorter camping trips before then. My husband decided he wants to get a camp stove---so that would eliminate the open flames fear......but I want to be able to have a campfire; it's cheaper---don't have to buy pans if you don't want to, but can make foil dinners instead. Something I think would make camping with young ones easier is easy and yummy food that they can help prepare. and maybe a container so they can collect souvenirs that tickle their fancy (I know, you should take only pictures and leave only footprints, but kids sometimes need something tactile)