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Thursday, May 6, 2010

C's Birth Story

I just discovered Mother's Day Mania, and thought it would be fun to join in. Today's prompt is to tell about a birth story.

When I was pregnant with K, my water broke at 37 weeks (normal pregnancy is 40). I was induced and gave birth to a 7 lb baby boy only 8 hours later. Everyone was very impressed with how quick my labor was.

Since K was so early, we had no idea what to expect when I was pregnant with C. I found myself loving those last weeks of pregnancy...having that special time where C was all mine. My husband however was irritated that it was taking so long. He would call throughout the day to ask if I was in labor yet :)

The day before C's due date, I woke up at 6:30 AM with slight discomfort. It came back every 3 minutes.

The contractions kept coming every 3 minutes and got slightly stronger. I had been planning a natural birth, but not like this.

At 7:40 my husband called his sister to come get K. I still wasn't in too much pain and was in denial that it was time to go, but my sister-in-law and the hospital said it was time. We left at 8:20.

As we're driving to the hospital I exclaimed that I felt like I needed to push (8:30). My husband left behind regard for traffic laws and sped the rest of the way to the hospital, thankfully only minutes away.

By the time we get there I was paralyzed from the pain and he had to wheel me in. When we got to the desk, the nurse is taking her sweet time until hubby said I felt like I had to push. I've never seen someone jump so quick as she grabbed papers, screamed into the phone to get us a room and hurried us down the hall.

We checked in at 8:39. By 8:42 I was fully dilated. At 8:49 my doctor walks in and finally tells me to push. It was like the movies where the very pregnant woman is screaming in agony with each contraction. I have never screamed like that before!

At 8:52 AM, C was born.DSCN1857
It was incredible to give birth naturally! I healed so quickly and felt empowered. It was also incredibly nice to get the whole ordeal over with in less than 2 1/2 hours!


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  1. Wow to have it happen so fast. I think that would scare me to have the need to push, but have to wait. Good job at doing it all natural.

  2. That is crazy to have it happen so fast! My sister was almost born in the car too- glad you made it to the hospital in time!

  3. Wow! That is the fastest birth story I've ever heard. Even though I'm sure it was incredibly painful, how nice to have it over so quickly!
    Thanks for the info on the Bradley Method, I'll have to look that up :)

  4. Fast births are the best!! My 2nd one came in an hour so I know the feeling of an unmedicated birth and yes it is an amazing feeling!

  5. I haven't given birth myself, but I would think having a natural birth would make you feel like you can do anything now! Very empowering! Thanks for sharing your story!! :)

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  6. I wanted to give birth naturally, too, but it didn't happen that way. I'm actually quite convinced that without modern medicine at any point during my pregnancy/labor I would probably not have survived. So way to go!

  7. I'm glad I didn't read everyone's stories before giving birth this February. I was so anxious about it anyways. Would it be fast? Would I go to the hospital too early? So many possibilities. Congrats on the fast labor!