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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Placing Holds at the Library

I think I've mentioned once or twice how much I love the library and how wonderful the local library can be.

We go to the library about once a week. Not only does it have great resources as far as reading, but there is a big play area for kids, so it's exciting for everyone to go.

Enough about that. My latest reason for proclaiming my obsession with the library is their holds. Sure, holds are great because you get to place a hold on popular items and when it's your turn, the library will hold it for you for however many days. BUT the reason I love placing holds so much is that you can place a hold on any book/movie/whatever whether it's checked in or not, and they will find the item and hold it for you. This has been a lifesaver for me because I cannot spend however long it takes searching for books in the shelves while I'm at the library for fear of my children ripping every book within arms reach off the shelves. Now, I can still get books for myself as well as my kids.

I absolutely love going through the Feed Me Books Friday suggestions and placing them on hold at the library because I know I would lose any list I write out, and it gives K a great variety of books to read each week!

I almost feel like I am abusing the system by doing this, but I think the librarians much prefer finding one or two books instead of helping re-shelve whatever my children do. Not that my children are little tyrants, but you can only expect a one year old and a three year old to behave perfectly for so long, right?

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  1. You just reminded me how long it's been since I've been to the library :)

  2. Stopping by because Monday Madness showed me the way! Going to the library is such a good habit for the kids!

  3. Our library system allows us to place holds online, so I can pick up my books when we go to the library for my kids to pick out books. Sometimes I feel bad about using the hold system, but it does make the visit much more pleasant for all involved! :D