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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Out of the Mouth of Babes

I love being a parent. I really do. There are sometimes when it can get you into trouble though, like when your kid says the wrong thing, or does something else that is utterly humiliating!

Last week I took my boys in for their annual well checks. While we were sitting in the waiting room, as I'm filling out paper work, suddenly K exclaims "Uh-oh Mommy! Her doesn't have any hair!"

My heart fell. I just knew there was going to be someone across the waiting room who is very sensitive about their hair loss as my son is rubbing it in. I look over to see who he is talking about, and there is a man with the top of his head completely bald. K doesn't quite grasp the proper usage of her, he, she, him yet, and we are working on teaching him about the differences between boys and girls. Before I could explain anything to him, the man across the room started smiling, and with a surprised look reached up to his head and exclaimed "where did it go?!"

We all started laughing and the situation was diffused, but that was definitely one of those scary moments that only a young child with an inquisitive mind could get away with saying what he did.

I recently read a similar post over at 5 Minutes for Mom, and if you need a good laugh, head over and read the comments! It's hilarious! Or, better yet, share your funny parenting stories here :)

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  1. Thank you for Cole's Birthday wishes!!! It does go way too fast and Happy belated birtdhay to your little guy!

    That story was so cute!