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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our Garden

I love that it is finally warm enough to stay outside and play with my boys! Yesterday we worked on this:Our beautiful garden :). It's not much, but being the apartment dwellers that we are, we're not allowed to use the actual ground. K was so excited to help put the seeds in and pour water on them (let's just hope the poor seeds didn't drown!).

Planting a garden, however small or large is perfect for little children. They get to see how a plant forms, and they get to learn how to care for a plant. We got to talk about the seed pods that are still lying around from one of the trees, and K thought it was so cool that those seeds could become a big tree one day.

On the far right is our pot of green onions. If you want a simple, easy to care for plant, go to your grocery store, buy a bunch of green onions. Cut off the green, use it in recipes, and plant the white onion. These things will grow basically on their own and you will have green onion stems on hand for whenever you need them in a recipe! I love going out back and chopping off a few stems to throw into dinner whenever I feel like it.


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  1. Hi, just stopping by to say hi!! We love green onions, we use them in so many things. We planted extra ones this year!! Thanks for linking up, hope to see you back next Tuesday!!